Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Contest First Giveaway

You can refer to the picture above for the giveaway, I am wearing it just to show you. :D

You can refer to the picture above to see the giveaway picture.

I have been waiting to hold a giveaway and I am doing it now. There will be four winners and winners can email me to choose the Prize that prefer. If you are winner you need to hurry up choose the Prize! This giveaway open to blogger with address in Malaysia only. Sorry folks unable to ship out of country due to shipping cost.

Prizes will be a bracelet of your choice, rings of your choice you can choose two rings, cell phone charm of your choice. Last but not least the shoes stud Hello Kitty of your choice. Do take note that it is only for the first winner that email me, if the item chosen you need to choose another item. For example the winner chooses the no.1 for bracelet and no.3 & no. 5 for rings, no.4 shoes stud. If you are second winner you cannot choose the same, so you need to be fast to email me when you know that you won!

The jewelry is handmade by me except for the shoes stud you can see at the picture. They are cute Hello Kitty shoes stud.

Mandatory you will need to do the following to take part this giveaway.

1. Like my picture MDB here at Facebook.

2. Like my picture My Lovely Baby here at Facebook.

3. Like my Rabbit boy pic here at Facebook.

4. Like my pink moment here at Facebook.

Follow the blogs at GFC, the following blogs

Last but not least you need to blog this giveaway at your blog with the bog title "Another Contest First Giveaway". You can add more than one picture in the blog post, remember to link back to this post. Don't forget to tag your two best friends and make sure they know of it!

Leave your FB id, your entry, and GFC name in the comment post. You need to do all required above in order to take part in this giveaway, good luck!

You can mention in your blog post on the Prize that you prefer to win. So if you are the lucky winners, you email to me first and tell me check your blog post for the entry. I will know which Prize you chosen.

Giveaway ends on 30 April, 2012 at 12 midnight.
The lucky winners will be draw within a week after giveaway ends.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another contest first giveaway participants

I want to remind you that you need to check whether you have follow the blogs mention in the giveaway post. I see that only two bloggers following one of the blogs mention. You also need to like the Facebook pictures which mention in the giveaway post.Participants list here I will update soon.




Monday, April 23, 2012

Review:Bugs Lock

I purchase this online and I see the Bugs lock wristband of the above green colour no long having the smell. It cost RM30 for three wristband of Bugs Lock, I also bought RM22 for ten Bugs Lock from another website. I find there is difference of both, the Bugs Lock packaging both almost the same but you need to beware.

I see that the above Bugs Lock that I have is made in Korea,the cheaper which I bought is made in China. The smell and quality of product are not the same. I see this made in Korea is much better and the smell also.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Barangan Garnier Untuk Direbut #3 by Pupel Liyana

I love giveaway and now chance to win Garnier skin care product. The giveaway is held at Pupel Liyana.

This giveaway for Malaysia only. Click banner for detail.
Giveaway end 27 April,2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mini Combo Simple Giveaway by Wanie & Sha

I love giveaway so I am taking part in Mini Combo Simple Giveaway by Wanie & Sha, you can click banner for detail.

I am tagging two blogger,they are Pauline and My-Alia.

This giveaway ends on 30 April, 2012.

So many prizes up for grab, go ahead click the link to find out. Giveaway open to Malaysia only.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coolblog so cool

I love the drinks at Coolblog, so many variety and I have got three drinks you can see. I bought the deal the other day and I have two more vouchers to use for three drinks at one go. My sister-in-law likes this drink too, she likes latte very much. I like cappucino and my lovely boy loves the chocolate ice blended.

Last week I took a voucher to redeem and they said there is a need for the company chopped. Lucky they call their boss to ask and I get to redeem the deal there.

Non related post. I saw another good deal online on another website and I wanted to try out their mango dessert from Snowy Desserts.

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