Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need a break, let's go Egypt

I like to go for holiday, everyone needs a break. I want to go holiday and places of my interest will be Egypt. I heard so much about it from my friend who has been there. My friend says that all he could think of is going to Egypt as it is a fantastic place for him. He loves taking picture of the beautiful desert. With year round sunshine and very hot weather, he is used to that.

Besides the weather along with crystal clear waters and beautiful sights, I am sure you know most movies are film there too. Some of my friends want to know how it is like being at desert, you can imagine yourself strained there. Just kidding, I am sure you can find golf courses there if you love play golf.

Egypt Holidays is all I can think of to be away from the city. Just look at this site for the Egypt travel guide, you can find this site with info that you need. I always like to find out cheap holidays guide for a bargain. Even though Egypt has a year round sunshine and very hot weather, they are many people visit. The attraction of Pyramids is there, this reminds me of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall here.

I want to ride on a camel for sure, I am sure it is thrilled adventure. The best time to go is May because there is the South Sinal Camel Festival during that time.

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michalswarm said...

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