Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Giveaway Cash RM350 by Emas Putih


[Siala nak join sila tekan banner di atas]

Giveaway Cash RM350 by Emas Putih ini di anjurkan oleh Emas Putih dan disponser oleh Emas Putih , Nasibah Khushairy , Kasih Lestari Abadi , Nor Farihan Ayob , Nannie Isa , dan yangbaik .

Click on above banner to take part, now, wish me luck. :D

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Generous event organiser

Wow, I am so happy to tell that that it's very fun event that I attended. The organiser is so generous, he gives prizes and almost everyone received it. Well if they are not lucky to win any, at least they walked home with goodie bags.

The organiser which I comes across usually given the lucky draw for only their client/their VIPS. This organiser gives lucky to everyone, it means as long you have luck, you gonna walk home with something!

Such a wonderful event that I attended with friends. Mmmm... guess not everyone is please though they have won the lucky draw. Prize big or small, it's never enough? That you have to go further to ruin your friend's mood?

What kind of friendship is this? I mean that will as a friend would go further to insult another friend in front of other friends.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Redemption Damansara Uptown 1

I haven't go there for a year now I received an sms that I won a contest.

The deadline is Friday!

Bluinc Uptown 1, Damansara Uptown, Level 7, Petaling Jaya.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Smell my victory:Mr.Peabody and Sherman

I am so happy that I bring my son and dear for this movie. Mr. Peabody and Sherman cheers up our life and we can never forget the lines from this movie. Our favourite line which my son's love is smell my victory!

This Sat starts school holiday a week, if you like comedy movie with family and children. Check out this movie, plus TGV Cinema having a good promo for just this weekend. Click above link to know which cinema and what time!

So sad we didn't get spectacles of Mr.Peabody and Sherman, its your chance to grab if you wanna own this collection!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Is it a fair contest?

I spotted a contest but no interest to take part as its far away from my place.

Anyway the contest stated two types to take part.

Interesting as one is offer liquor for them to drink, another is no offer liquor but limo service to go and back.

What if I don't want liquor but I want limo go and back from party?!

Mm... there's no third choice available for the contest.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Restaurant Yuen Buffet@Kelana Jaya

4 adults RM29.50
1 child B with height range 131 to 151 cm RM15
1 Can drink RM2.50
total RM143.65 plus tax and gst

The Restaurant Yuen Buffet, relocated and the parking area of this restaurant need pay money for parking.

That day we parked the car and fee RM2.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Second Coming movie

Oh yes! Happy me I won to go watch this movie tomorrow.

By the way I am having giveaway in following blogs, go ahead to find out yeah.

Date: 7th March 2014, Friday
Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Time: 9.00PM

Just a reminder for myself venue and time!

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