Saturday, November 4, 2017

'Giveaway Cash RM100 by Qiya Saad for November 2017'.

It's November and it's my birthday this month, lets take part in the giveaway cash by Qiya Saad. Check out her blog to take part now!

Giveaway, Giveaway Qiya Saad, GA,
Klik banner untuk join GA ni
Dan sebagai tanda penghargaan Qiya akan bagi RM100 tunai kepada pemenang-pemenang yang bertuah.
Untuk terpilih sebagai pemenang 'Giveaway Cash RM100 by Qiya Saad for November 2017' ni korang wajib follow atau Like semua akaun media sosial kat bawah ni tau...
1. Follow Blog: Qiya Saad
2. Like FB Page 1: Qiya Saad Dot Com
3. Like FB Page 2: Wedding by Qiya Saad
4. Follow Instagram 1: @qiyasaad
5. Follow Instagram 2: @weddingbyqiyasaad
Hadiah berupa CASH RM100 untuk 'Giveaway Cash RM100 by Qiya Saad for November 2017' ni Qiya akan bahagikan kepada 3 pemenang mengikut jumlah yang tertera kat bawah ni.
Pemenang Pertama

Pemenang ke-2

Pemenang ke-3

Tarikh tutup GA ni pada 30 November 2017 dan para pemenang pula Qiya akan di pilih secara rawak.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

CJ WOW SHOP Rings into a WOW Year of the Rooster

KUALA LUMPUR, January 25, 2017 – Adding more excitement to the upcoming celebration, Malaysia’s latest multiplatform home shopping network CJ WOW SHOP is treating shoppers to its first Chinese New Year sale. Valid for purchases made on its online shopping site and mobile app, the special promotion offers 10 percent discount on selected home and living products that are ideal as gifts, or new belongings to usher into the Year of the Rooster.

The promotion came at the back of the recent launch of CJ WOW SHOP Mandarin programme on Media Prima’s Free-to-Air television channel, 8TV. Featuring live demonstration of various innovative products in Mandarin, the programme aims to provide a wider range of viewers with a more exciting and interactive shopping experience. Viewers will be able to catch the show from 6am to 9am daily.

Lending their enthusiasm and credibility in engaging with the audience, CJ WOW SHOP’s Mandarin programme will feature top Malaysian personalities including Baki Zainal, Wee Ping, Pei Pei and Natalie Ng as show hosts. Equipped with vast experience in product ambassadorship and endorsement, these seasoned television hosts will demonstrate numerous products from a combination of best sellers and brand new line-ups ranging from household equipment to gadgets and cosmetics.

Mr. Kim Yang Hyun, Chief Executive Officer of CJ WOW SHOP said, “This expansion into Mandarin content is in line with our aim to make CJ WOW SHOP more accessible, relevant and exciting for a diverse range of audience. With this launch, the home shopping network will be able to cater to the demands of the Chinese speaking community, who make up almost 25% of the country’s population and provide quality products to more Malaysians. We expect that the potential reach of more than 6 million viewers by 8TV will allow us to double the sales to Chinese customers during the Mandarin programme slots.”

Aside from the inclusion of Mandarin content, the network has undertaken several innovative steps within only six months since its launch in April last year. Due to the overwhelming response it receives from the audience, CJ WOW SHOP has embarked on a vast expansion in October by introducing its weekly ‘live’ demonstrations on TV to provide a better home shopping experience for the audience. Additionally, the network also added more program slots on TV3, ntv7 and TV9 so their customers would now be able to watch CJ WOW SHOP more frequently on these channels.
“The launch of our new Mandarin offerings, live shows and increased time slots, are part of our extensive initiative to continuously enrich our customers’ shopping experience by providing them with more convenience to shop from the comfort of their homes. We will also aim to double our current product offerings and bring in more products from local and international brands to give our customers more variety and choice,” Mr. Kim added.

CJ WOW SHOP is a joint venture collaboration between Media Prima Berhad and South Korea’s CJO Shopping Co Ltd (CJO), Asia’s No 1 TV Home Shopping operator. The home shopping network features on-air demonstrations across media channels such as TV3, nt7, 8TV, TV9 and tonton. Customers will be able to purchase the products seen on television by:

* Calling the toll-free hotline at 1-800-18-0808 * Online by logging on to * Downloading the CJ WOW SHOP mobile app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Friday, November 4, 2016

0.8L Malaysia It's Skin Lip Balm Giveaway Winners

Congratulations !!!
 Now you become a Social Editor of 0.8L Malaysia!! 미소 동글이

Please send me your real name, detail home address, phone number, and ID number for shipping document. 
[Real Name]

[detail address] [district] [city] [province/state] [country] [zip code]
[country code + phone number]
[Malaysia ID Card Number]


The prize has come, I received the email on 21 October that I won.

Today 5 November the prize has come. Do follow my instagram @sherrygo for the updates as I am gonna review it soon. Its a lipbalm from Korea! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Giveaway Play-Doh x Azlinda Alin

I hope to win this set, because I have two boys, they are 5yrs old and 10 years old and both of them love to play toys. They share toys to play together, I hope to win this set of Play-Doh Cake Party for them to share and play. Brothers growing up together, priceless bonding moments.

Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin. Lama rasanya mummy tak buat giveaway kan. Sempena ulang tahun Play-Doh yang ke 60 tahun. Mummy nak buat satu Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin. Ha...suka tak?

Seronok main Play-Doh, sebab teksturnya tak melekit dan juga bagus untuk sistem motor dan sensorik anak.

Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin

Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin

Syarat Mudah Join Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin

Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin

Giveaway Play-Doh Cake Party bernilai RM99.90 x Azlinda Alin

1. Buat satu entri blog bertajuk Giveaway Play-Doh x Azlinda Alin.
2. Berikan sebab kenapa anda patut menang dalam Giveaway Play-Doh x Azlinda Alin
3. Follow facebook Hasbro dan blog ini.
4. Kalau boleh masukkan di bloglists pilihan anda supaya mudah dapat tahu pengumuman pemenang Giveaway Play-Doh x Azlinda Alin pada bila-bila masa.
5. Dah siap semua, jangan lupa tinggalkan blog URL anda di ruangan komen.

Keputusan Giveaway Play-Doh x Azlinda Alin

Giveaway Play-Doh x Azlinda Alin adalah kolabrasi Azlinda Alin bersama pihak Hasbro Malaysia

Segala keputusan pemenang akan di pilih secara rawak.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


there's contest on instagram if you find this # above you will find it.

Good luck.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blogging contest on gadgets

I am not so good with gadget and I received an email to blog about the contest. There are prizes to win from the contest but with just little prizes. I rather not waste my time taking part the contest and have rejected it. The prizes are not attractive and just RM50 Lazada voucher to win and it's slim chance just imagine if they have over 100 bloggers to take part and just 5 x RM50 Lazada voucher to win.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mother's Day is coming up, lets buy flowers

I love to shop online and glad to find that 
there's online shopping for flowers.
Mother's Day is coming, 
lets find Mother's Day Flower.

Check out on their website Bloom2u, 
many choices of Mother's Day hand bouquet.
Many people working outstations and 
some can't make it back but you can surprise
mommy with flowers.

Online Florist Malaysia, 
you can find flowers online.
Shop online or head to Subang Jaya Florist. 

I wanna let my friends know they can online 
shopping at, and 
follow the updates on

Mommy brings us up not easy,
everyone has their lifestyle,
mommy's work is 24 hours.
Let's surprise mommy, 
with beautiful flowers.

Make Mommy smile,
Make mommy happy,
this special day,
I love my mommy. 

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