Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog Paradise ad will be down 7 April

Yeah just want to blog about this that Blog Paradise ad space will be down on 7 April. It has the right spot for a month on 7 April. The blog which is a winner of contest belong to gengen.

There is a contest at Blog Paradise to find out more just click on the banner at right bar.

Good luck!

Ad Space and Text link

Yeah I just bought a $5 ad space from M and I also used 3x 1,500EC for 3 ad spaces at his blogs too. He has got blog with PR2 and PR3.

That is not all, I bought text link $1.20 from Luis, his blog is PR3.

If you are looking for 1 cent ad space 125x125 I have it at my shopping blog which is PR3. Go have a look!

Anyway, still waiting for the result of contest that I taken part.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Win $20 cash via PayPal@RagingTech

It is one easy contest where you can Win $20 cash via PayPal@Raging Tech. This contest has just started and you are welcome to take part.

If you have twitter or a blog you or an email you can take part in this contest.

The contest ends on 30 April, 2009 at 11:59PM so there is still time for you to take part. No late submissions will be accepted!

1st Prize
$20 USD paid via PayPal

2nd Prize
Mystery Prize!?!? for more creative Tweet

Winner will be chosen at random from entries. 2nd Prize Winner will be chosen based on most creative tweet!

Entering is easy, and like most blog contests, I’m offering three ways to enter:

1. Follow @ragingtech and Tweet about this contest on Twitter and link to this blog post directly. Here’s some example text if you need it:

“RT @ragingtech Enter to win $20 USD PayPal “Just for the heck of it” Contest, Retweet to win! http://tinyurl.com/cjeg6b #ragingwin”

- but you probably will not have much of a chance for winning the 2nd Prize for most creative Tweet if you only copy my text. Be sure to include @ragingtech and the #ragingwin if you want your submission to count.

2. Comment on this post, and be sure to fill out the form with a link to your blog and a working e-mail address if you want me to be able to notify you when you win.

3. Blog about this contest - Post a 100 word or more blog post about this contest, and be sure your blog has trackback or pingback enabled, or leave a comment below with the direct URL to your post.

For more info just click on the link above!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Win $50 Cash @GoTipsters

This is another contest you can check out on how to win cash! If you are a fan of soccer or football, this blog is suitable for you. You can find free soccer tips, analysis and football predictions plus you stand the chance to win $50 Cash@GoTipsters. This contest is held at GoTipsters, do not hesistate as this is where you get soccer tips and football predictions. This is a contest where you can win cash.

The Grand Prize

$50 Cash Paid via PayPal!

Exclusive and private 3 (three) soccer tips!
(Means the tips will NOT be posted here! Just for you!)

A one month free 125x125 banner placement in all GoTipsters.com pages!

If you are interested to take part just click on the link above.

Contest ends on 12 April, Winner will be announced on 15 April, 2009.

Good luck!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Win Fabulous Prize@Chris Birthday Bash Contest

If you love contest, you got to take this chance to win Fabulous Prize@Chris Birthday Bash Contest. Chris is mommy gengen's son he is 3 years old. The contest starts on 24 March to 10 April, 2009.

First Prize: 22,500
* 5000 EC - The Joy Of Life Forever
* 4000 EC - My Life's Adventure
* 4000 EC - Life's Adventure
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Second Prize: 17,000
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Third Prize: 14,000
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9th Prize: 5,000
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10th Prize: 4,000

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Special Prizes: US Only

* Amigurumi Bunny - Cathy's Sweet Pea Toad Store (pic here or here to see the prize) - US only
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* 3 pcs. of miniture basket - Health Is Wealth

For more info about how to take part, just click on the link above!

Don't forget to say that you got to know this contest from me :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Win $200 Prizes @Techuse


If you like contest and you like commenting. This is a contest where you can win $5 for being Top Commentator. There is more than that, find out on how to win $200 Prizes@Techuse.

Look at these Prizes!

1st prize -

  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page.

2nd prize -

  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page.

3rd prize -

  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page
What other Prizes you can win?

Top Commenter Give Away

The top two commenter of the blog will receive $5 cash.

No One Goes Empty Handed

An ebook guiding you on link-building via blog commenting will be given t each and every subscriber. :)

**All payments will be made through PayPal
**One entry per human
**Choosing will be done via Ramdom.Org
**Contest Ends on 15th April

Easy to take part in this contest
Subscribe to Techuse 5 entries
Comment on the blog -2 entries per 5 comments
Social Bookmarking - 1 entry per social bookmark
Post the contest with sponsor links and prizes included at your blog - 10 entries per blog entry

Good luck, just click on the link above to take part!

Blue Necklace for me

I got to know that I won a necklace which I taken part in a contest. If you like to see the picture of the necklace, just click on this blog.

Looking for nail care products

I think every gal will wants to look good and pretty. Other than dressing and having make up, I think nails are important too. Do you know that we need to care for our nails? I know everyone must have got a tips, I am not good in caring my nails. That is why my nails are soft.

I love to share with you a site I found where you can find nail treatments. Wow I do not know that they are so many things under this list. Tell me what do you think of nail varnish? I know that we cannot always depend on others as we need to be independent to care for ourselves.

That is why nailsinc is here for everyone. Ladies, I am sure you love to check this site for their latest limited edition of nail colors. I am sure my friend Sam will wants to check out the very dry and damaged nails treatment pack.

One of my friends just has a baby and telling me that she wants to buy nail colors. She has not put on any nail varnish colors for a long time. There is so many to see and I just want to get my hands on the pink and red nail colors.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tracie Nicole Designs Giveaway@Simply Stacie

Tracie Nicole Designs Giveaway@Simply Stacie is where you stand the chance to win a New Kind of Diamond Pendant Necklace .

If you love this giveaway, be sure to take part. Giveaway ends on 8 April, 2009.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is your Googlebot activity?

Googlebot activity in the last 90 days

Number of pages crawled per day
Number of pages crawled per day
Maximum 50
Average 16
Minimum 1
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Maximum 1,755
Average 726
Minimum 0
Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds)
Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds)
Maximum 2,204
Average 604
Minimum 146

Above is my blog, tell me what you think of it?

I am still trying to understand what this mean.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Filipina Blogger's Birthday Celebration

Happy Belated Birthday to Jade, her birthday was on 21 March. Filipina Blogger's Birthday Celebration where you can find out about her contest. Jade and her hubby are currently living in Singapore. She has got four blogs to share with you.

Filipina Blogger
Pictures and Cultures
Chica Chika

I love blogging and it is great to get to know blogger from blogsphere. Jade is Filipina Blogger living in Singapore, she can speaks Dutch and she loves chocolate. She is Pinay at Heart! She has been living in Singapore since April 2007. I love her blog where I can see pictures of her and things she loves to do.

Win $100 cash, 200,000EC and more@PinayJade

Filipina blogger's birthday contest

I love contest and like to share with you my friend's Jade is having a contest at her blog. Happy Belated Birthday to Jade, her birthday was yesterday. :)

What you can win?


$50 cold hard paypal cash plus a chance to win the following as well:

* $50 cold hard paypal cash
* 100,000 Entrecard Credits
* 5 Free Ad Space on sites with Pagerank

* 30,000 Entrecard Credits
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* Blog Review from Hot in Singapore

* 20,000 Entrecard Credits
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* Blog Review from Make or Break

* 25,0000 Entrecard Credits
* 4 Free Ad Space on sites with Pagerank

* 4 Free Ad Space on sites with Pagerank
* T-shirt from Anything Under the Sun ( if the winner is from the Philippines )

2 SPECIAL PRIZE will go to the top point earner that didn’t win any of the MAJOR PRIZES
Each will get
* 1 x 5000 Entrecard Credits
* 1 x Dot com Domain

Just at the sponsors below!

Major Sponsors:

$20 Cash - Pictures and Cultures - A collection of photographs I have made and the travels I have taken.
$ 10 cash - MommaWannabe - a woman’s blog. A chronicle of life as a wife and a mom wannabe.
$20 Cash - Anak ni Kulapo - Mga Mala-Impakto at Walang Kamatayang Mga Kwento na Panahon pa ni Kopongkopong Mula sa Isang Walaaaang Magawa sa Buhay
$10 Cash Philippine blog - Your blogging resources for small business owner and new bloggers - at your Service!
$10 Cash When a Mother Blogs -you just don’t know what she might write…
$10 Cash Yes, It’s ME! - Mobile travel blog of a doctor and now a personal notebook of a housewife.
$10 Cash The Painted Veil-The ideal has many names,and beauty is one of them. -W Somerset Maugham
$10 Cash Kalidadis -Photos, travel, vacation, tips & etcetera!

EC Sponsors

  1. 10,000 EC - Buraot Entrecard Generator - Buraot’s Entredropper, the entrecard generator that brings you credits and traffic the easy way.
  2. 10,000 EC - Diet Recipes blog - Lots of diet recipes under 200 calories
  3. 5230 EC - Pinoy Blogger in Singapore -The certified pinoy blogger dominates Singapore blogosphere
  4. 4040 EC Credits - Life of a Filipina Blogger
  5. 3000 EC Credits - MommaWannabe
  6. 3000 EC - Random Detox
  7. 3000 EC - Blog de Manila
  8. 3000 EC - A Life to Remember
  9. 2500 EC - Free Pogo Tokens
  10. 2000 EC - Mature Not Senile
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  12. 2000 EC Everything Has A Reason
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  14. 2000 EC In The Life Of…
  15. 2000 EC Low Fat Diaries
  16. 2000 EC - Kaya Mo Pinoy
  17. 2000 EC - Pinay Mom
  18. 2000 EC - The Beauty Denominator
  19. 2000 EC - Serendipity
  20. 2000 EC - In Retrospect
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Products and Services

Blog Review from Make or Break - 200 word review at a PR2 blog.

Blog Review from Hot in Singapore

T-shirt from Anything Under the Sun

Package Prize:
Dot Com Domain from Pinay Mommy Online - Pinay Mommy Online
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Dot Com Domain from The Pinay Blogger

Contest has stared and ends on 30 April, to find out more just click on the banner above.

Good luck!

Blog for the world; Blog for you and me

I started blogging since 2007 using Sherry Rambling my first blog and I was not an active blogger. But right now I am full time blogger which loves to blog about contest happening on blogsphere. It is a joy sharing contests happening and taking part in them. I started this blog in December last year as I know that I can handle more than a blog. Another Contest is a meaningful blog for me because it is not only about contest that I taken part, I also used it to blog for things that interest me.

It is not about winning the contest but doing things that I love to do. I am sure if you have put your effort and do things you like you will be happy. My secret of stay blogging is Happy Blogging!

Lainy’s Musings

Blog and Win at Lainy's Blogoversary Celebration
The contest has started and ends on 31 March, 2009. I love contest and I am sure you like to know more about Lainy and her blogs. You can see them below.
KUERDAS | Our Journey to Forever | The Certified Fashionable Chic | Lainy's Musings

Who are the generous sponsors of the contest?

A Closet for Limitless Adventure | A Freelance Designer's Blog | A Life to Remember | A Moment to Exhale | A Mommy in Manila | A Simple Life | A Taste of Both Worlds | Adventures of a Fitness Diva | All Blog Contest | Also Mommy | AnGeLs In My Life | Another Contest | Arts and Entertainment Center | Ask Ms Recipe | Babette's Definitely MAYBE! | Blazing Minds | Briggs Time for Escapades| Chronic Chic Talk | Computer Technology Gadgets | Confessions of a Fitness Diva | Daily Stop | Dancing in Midlife Tune | Dark Angel | eastcoastlife | elai's haven | e-Pamilya | Erikson's Home | Erlinda's Wandering Thought | Everything Has a Reason | Everything PLUS the Kitchen Sink | Everything Under the Sun | Filipino Online Community | Fragments of Thoughts... A Piece of Life | Girls are Made of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice | God's Best Gift | Happy Family | Healthy Living and Lifestyle | Heart Random | History of Supernova and Sweet Pain | Homemade Beads Jewelry and More | I Thought So | iLUVcontest | I'm Walking on Sunshine | In My Kitchen | In the Eyes of the Beholder | Iowahippiechick | JoyOz Photography | Joys in Life| Juliana's Lair | Juliana's World | KiSsMi | Kokey Gadgets | Kusinera sa Amerika | Kutsara at Tinidor | La vida es hermosa | Life's Journey | Life's Sweets and Spices | Lifetime Mom | Make or Break | Mama ASID's E N T R E P O D | Mariuca's Perfume Gallery | Medan Daily | Moments of My Life | Mommy's Little Corner | moms... check nyo | My Online Adventures | My Barefoot Journey | My Blog Says | My Country Home | My Crossroads | My Kitchen | My Library | My Life and Family Journey | My Life's Collections | My Online Diary | My Piece of Paradise | My So Called Life | My So-Called World | My Whole New World | My Written xPressions | nameSherry | NetSource | News2Buzz | Night Clicks | Nita's Corner | Nita's Random Thoughts | Novice Master | Pinoy Medical Doctor | Praning's Shoutout | Random Ramblings | Random Thoughts | Rare Ordinary Thoughts | Serendipity | Serradinho | Sherry Contest | Sherry Rambling | Shopping | Show Me Your Interest | Simply Shinade | SimplyWP | Sir Robbie Rob | Sushi Freak | Symphony of Love | Take a Coffee Break... | Taste Buds | Technology Talks | THE DESIGNERS BLOG | The Designer's Chic | The Lady Programmer | The Maiden's Testimony | The Modern Mom | The Painted Veil | The Reporter | There is Happiness | Things About Computer | This is So Me | Thomas Travel Tales | Thomas Web Links | Through the Rain | Towts 4U | Twerlermz Blog | Twinkletoe Writing Space | Twins Happiness | walkingnewspaper | Web Blog of Greg Mathews | Web Blog of Sapimoto | What Have You | Windmill on the Hill | Wishing on a Falling Star |
Wonderful Things in Life | Words of Love

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skyin's Twilight Shop Blog Giveaway

Sykin's Twilight Shop Blog Giveaway is where you can check out this giveaway. This is lovely giveaway where you can win any item from her etsy shop! It is open to international so you can take part too.

Go ahead, check out her blog, don't forget to mention you know it from Sherry. :P

Winner will be chosen on 20 March, 2009.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cake + Flower + Bracelet

I am so happy to hear that Sam is dating and the guy is IT based in Kuala Lumpur and often go outstation to Johor Bharu. She loves silver and indeed she gets what she wants on her birthday. He gave him cake, bouquet of flower, and silver bracelet.

They are not stable yet and he is not considering as her boyfriend yet. I think they started dating not long ago. Sam is so far away from me and I do hope we can keep in touch often.

Her ex-boyfriend has called her and she does not want to answer him at all. She told me that she has change number and no idea who is the one that given him her new number.

Monday, March 16, 2009


kittyrulez-contest-feature KITTYRULEZ CONTEST BLOG!!!
I am sure you like to take part in this contest. It is so much fun! This is KITTYRULEZ CONTEST BLOG where you stand the chance to win.

What you can win?

FIRST PRIZE: Hello Kitty shaped pochette, Hello Kitty shoe strings, Hello Kitty drink mug!

kittyrulez-contest-all2 KITTYRULEZ CONTEST BLOG!!!

kittyrulez-contest-1st-prize KITTYRULEZ CONTEST BLOG!!!

SECOND PRIZE: Charmmy Kitty bento box, Hello Kitty bookmark!

Two Winners will be announced on 2nd April, 2009. So hurry up take part now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last chance to win Big Mak Blog Contest

I love contest and I find that Makoy's contest is very challenging. Every contestants have been busy, you know it is not too late for you to take part to win Big Mak Blog Contest. Do you know Big Mak Blog Contest has got 61 participants now? His first contest has more participants than mine. I am sure his contest is going to be a success!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning SEO

I love blogging and I know I have so much to learn. I am still learning about SEO, I am sure everyone knows that SEO is Search Engine Optimization. I am interested to learn more about SEO and I like to share with you a website I found.

Boston SEO is the website I am referring to, I am reading about their services that they provide. I think new blogger will be interested to find out about the Search Engine Optimization. I know they are many website with info about SEO but why not check out what the Experts will tell you about the SEO.

I know everyone wants to learn more about the high rankings and revenue. I am sure not many people know that they are the Boston's leading SEO services provider where you can find out more about the search engine optimization, content development, link building, keyword search, PPC campaign optimization, blog setup and more. I know I have to learn more about the keyword search. I am not very good with that.

I know my dad know nothing about SEO, if he is going to start blogging he has got to learn about SEO soon or later. If you like to know more about Boston SEO, all you have to do is click on the link above.

Contest not for international

As you know I love contest and giveaway, I have received some emails that said the giveaways are not open for International. Well, since I have posted it at my blog, I think I will just leave it there. I am sure people from US and Canada will love to take part in them.

So, if you know any where having contest or giveaway just give me a buzz!

I love boots

I do not know about you but I can tell you that I have got two pairs of boot at home. One is red in color and the other is peach color. I love boots that is elegance looking, you can see the UGG Boots for yourself.

This May is Mother's Day and I think you must be worrying what to buy for your mom. Why not check out the range of sheepskin ugg boots? I am sure this will keep your mom's feet warm. Not many people know that the ugg boots feature thick premium merino sheepskin which result in better thermostatic properties than a traditional ugg boot.

Thinking of a perfect gift for mom this coming Mother's Day? I think you know which to buy by now. You may not know that the ugg boots will give better warmth in winter and more efficient cooling during summer.

My grandpa is in Australia, I am sure he wills needs a pair of ugg boots for this Father's Day. I am going to tell my uncles about this, maybe they can share some money to buy this boot for him. I know they will be worry about sizing, they can check the website on how to measure.

Busy day for me

I am quite busy these days and I have so much to do and things to update in my blogs. I have got so many blogs on hand and I know I have to update them all. This is a job for me to do and I love to what I am doing.

It is sunny day and this morning walk is killing me, looks like the sun just follow where ever I go. When I go back it is not sunny any more.

It is not even April fool!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miss out on Week 2 Big Mak Blog Contest!

I know I have post up the Week 3 and Week 4. I miss out the Week 2 of Big Mak Blog Contest. They are many interesting post you can read at Makoy's blog . I know they are bloggers that not into the contest but like visit his blog for his blog post.

Let's get back to Week 2 of his contest. The score of 15 contestants in Big Mak Week 2 is very different from Week 3 and Week 4. I think it was the beginning of the contest. But now the contest is a heat! Everyone is in the race.

You can still take part as his contest only ends on 15 March, 2009.

First Contest @BloggerTricks

I love contest and I found this contest where you get to win cash! I am sure everyone loves money and here is your chance to win First Contest@Blogger Tricks.

Thanks to the Sponsors:

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Here are the Prizes:
1st Place : $50 hard cash

2nd Place : $25

3rd Place: $15

4th, 5th & 6th Places : $5 each

(yea.. total of 6 prizes.. so, you can have more chances of winning)

This is not like any other contest, it is not based on luck. You need to put in your effort to win. The winners will be determined based on the most number of points!

How to take part?
Simple! There are lot of ways to earn points.
1. Just leave a comment here (max 1 comment per person)
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3. Blog about this Contest :
Just spread the word by writing a small review about this contest (min 100 words) in your blog including a link to this contest page and a link each to both of the contest sponsors.
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1 Post max per blog. So, the more blogs you have, the more points you can get.
And, we don't accept newly created blogs or blogs with less contest to avoid creation of new blogs just for the sole purpose of this contest.

4. Add a small banner in your blog about this contest.
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For more info on how to take part in this contest, just click on the link above! Contest ends on 25 March, 2009.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heidi's Designs Jewelry @Simply Stacie

I am sure ladies will love jewelry, I love them too. Here is your chance to win Heidi's Designs Jewelry@Simply Stacie.

What you can win?

Heidi has offered one of Simply Stacie's readers a chance to win an item from her shop up to an $18 value.

To view more item just click on Heidi's Jewelry Designs . Giveaway ends on 21 March, 2009.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 4 of Big Mak Blog Contest!

I have been waiting for the Week 4 result of Big Mak Blog Contest! I could not believe it that the score as getting aggressive. Yeah everyone wants to win! Week 4 of Big Mak Blog Contest has given me chance to take up this challenge. This I am trying to catch up as there is only a week left for this contest.

Now Makoy's contest has got 59 participants. They will be more and you can still take part in this contest. If you are taking part, you might want to mention me as referral. I get to earn 5 points and you get to earn 3 points! All you need to do is have a blog to take part.

100th post $25 giveaway@The Tattooed Gourmet

I am sure everyone loves to win cash. Here is your chance to check out 100th post $25 giveaway@The Tattooed Gourmet. It is easy to take part.

  • leave a comment on this contest post
  • tweet this contest with the link to this post
  • write a post about this contest
The contest will ends on 31 March, 2009. Winner will be announced on 2nd April, 2009. Hurry up click on the link to take part now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lucky Winner of YouCanMakeAllThis

Just now I am just checking my email and I have received one saying that I won. Thanks to Tammi for email me. I am lucky winner of YouCanMakeAllThis.com !

You can view the Winner here.

What I won?

A bundle of DIY instructions!
This bundle includes the Child/Adult Apron Set, Women's Reversible Wrap Skirt, The "She Loves Me, She Loves Me KNOT" Handbag, The Reversible Patchwork Bucket Hat, Easy-Fit Pants, and Boys Ties. (a $50 value)

Thank you Tammi!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SYC Design Contest worth $120 Prize

This is an awesome contest where you can take part to win SYC Design Contest worth $120 Prize.

SYC Design Contest


First Prize

Templates Membership from BuyTemplates worth $69
Custom Professional Logo from LogoAngel Worth $99
Custom Banner from BannerWind worth $149
Individual Icons Package from IconGalore worth $57 to $234

Second Prize

Custom Banner from BannerWind worth $149
Templates Membership from BuyTemplates worth $49
Illustration Images from Illustration Wind worth $99

Third Prize

Professional Logo from LogoWind worth $99
Individual Icon package from IconPlant worth $54 to $162
Business Brochures from BrochureMonster worth $79

Bonus Prize for each entry:

Every participants will get one free templates from BuyTemplates

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To take part, click on the link above. Contest ends on 25 March, 2009.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Comment Contest March

This is the month of March, it is time for you to take part in contest. If you love to comment you will be interested to win Comment Contest March. This contest is held at DirectSalesWebMarketing.com. Look at what you can win? They will be Eight Winners!

1. DirectSalesWebMarketing.com (ME) is offering $10 paypal plus one month 125×125.

2. Donny Gamble at LinkersBlog offers his “Blog Comment Blueprint” eBook (worth $37, currently selling for $10).

3. Garry Conn at GarryConn.com offers Either a Blog Review (Value $125) OR Ad Space (also a great value; he will decide depending on space available).

4. Brad Ney at Affordable Web Design offers a 1 Hour Blog/Website Design Consultation - (Value: $35).

5. Brad Ney at Personal Blog Tips and Blog Help offers a 125×125 banner for one month (Value: $10).

6. Aidi at IndoContest offers $10 paypal and 125×125 ad spot for a month.

7. Mitch at ImJustSharing.com offers his eBook “Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool” (Value $20)

8. Harish at BloggingKid.com offers one 125 x 125 ad spot for one month (worth $10)

To find out how to take part, just click on the link above!

Good luck!

Birthday coming up!

My best friend Sam is going to celebrate her birthday this month. Sam is my best friend and my classmate in school. We spend many happy times together. I remember sharing my toys to play with her. We have played badminton together.

I hope Sam will have a happy Celebration with her friends and colleagues. She loves jewelry and I am sure she loves to visit this website for more info of Jewelry. She likes sterling silver and gemstones, this site suitable for her. Sam and I used to hang out at the shopping mall together.

Sam and I have not met up for at least five years. She is busy with her life and I am busy with mine. I am excited to find out how she is going to celebrate her birthday. I think her colleague will have come up with something special on her birthday.

I have forgotten most of my friends' birthday. I used to note them down on my calendar since we have not kept in touch often. Some of them are still keeping in touch with me by email and sms. I am sure if they love jewelry, they will check out this website too.

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