Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miss out on Week 2 Big Mak Blog Contest!

I know I have post up the Week 3 and Week 4. I miss out the Week 2 of Big Mak Blog Contest. They are many interesting post you can read at Makoy's blog . I know they are bloggers that not into the contest but like visit his blog for his blog post.

Let's get back to Week 2 of his contest. The score of 15 contestants in Big Mak Week 2 is very different from Week 3 and Week 4. I think it was the beginning of the contest. But now the contest is a heat! Everyone is in the race.

You can still take part as his contest only ends on 15 March, 2009.


MyJoyz said...

hi! your blog is very interesting :)
moreover, i am new to this blogging. i like to you to visits my site in your free time ..and give suggestion to improve
if possible add me in your blog roll. i will return my favour!!

Prettymom said...

hi sis checkout the contest winner in this link

Sherry said...

hi MyJoyz thanks for coming by.

hi Prettymom, saw the list of winner :)

wow you are 30yr old and 7 march, birthday :)

MyJoyz said...

hi i have added u in my blogroll as friend..cheers!!!
have a nice day!!!

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