Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cake + Flower + Bracelet

I am so happy to hear that Sam is dating and the guy is IT based in Kuala Lumpur and often go outstation to Johor Bharu. She loves silver and indeed she gets what she wants on her birthday. He gave him cake, bouquet of flower, and silver bracelet.

They are not stable yet and he is not considering as her boyfriend yet. I think they started dating not long ago. Sam is so far away from me and I do hope we can keep in touch often.

Her ex-boyfriend has called her and she does not want to answer him at all. She told me that she has change number and no idea who is the one that given him her new number.


WebbieLady said...

Hmmm.. who is Sam? Your friend? I kind of heard Johor Bharu when I was in KL but not remember good anymore.. I stay in Jalan Pudu area... do you that?

Sherry said...

hi webbielady, yeah she is my friend and was my classmate too.

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