Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday coming up!

My best friend Sam is going to celebrate her birthday this month. Sam is my best friend and my classmate in school. We spend many happy times together. I remember sharing my toys to play with her. We have played badminton together.

I hope Sam will have a happy Celebration with her friends and colleagues. She loves jewelry and I am sure she loves to visit this website for more info of Jewelry. She likes sterling silver and gemstones, this site suitable for her. Sam and I used to hang out at the shopping mall together.

Sam and I have not met up for at least five years. She is busy with her life and I am busy with mine. I am excited to find out how she is going to celebrate her birthday. I think her colleague will have come up with something special on her birthday.

I have forgotten most of my friends' birthday. I used to note them down on my calendar since we have not kept in touch often. Some of them are still keeping in touch with me by email and sms. I am sure if they love jewelry, they will check out this website too.

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