Wednesday, November 25, 2009

&ita maternity first giveaway

I love giveaway let's take part in &ita maternity first giveaway.

Lucky winner gets away with

Long Sleeve cardigan with your own choice of color


Set of 2 Combimini slip socks

This is an online store for mom to be, you can find breastfeeding clothes which are suitable for you.

I like the maternity dress, have a look and you will see many choices of dress.

It is going to be Christmas soon, shop one for your loved one.

For more info just click on the link above.

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&ita maternity said...

thanks sherry sbb join contest i yg x seberapa.just nak bgtau contest tuh ada perubahan xpe sheery just stick pada yg asal as kalau sherry rajin bolehlah buat gak yg baru tuh.sorry ye.sbb contest yg lama tuh x baper mendapat sambutan.harap maklum ye

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