Tuesday, December 16, 2008

67 items on my sponsor lists

Yeah I am really happy about it as I just made a list of my sponsor contest and they are total 67 items. This is just for sponsors and I have not added myself up yet. It's over 34,000 EC now. Sure they will be more as I am still looking for sponsor till 25 Dec.

My plan on starting the contest will be on 31 Dec so it's likely to be Malaysia time. I am still planning on how the mechanism works out. I know I need to come up with simple and easy for everyone to take part.

It's my first contest so I am taking it very seriously.


Jes said...

PLEASE make a commenting game!!! hehehe i love to comment!!! thats fair than random org!!! atleast make top 3 commentators hehehe =)

gengen said...

Hi Mommyko's Christmas Giveaway is in...Pls. do visit. winner will contact you soon.

Sherry said...

hi Jes, how you doing.

hi gengen, thank you.

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