Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you Winners of Win Fabulous Prize@Chris Birthday Bash Contest

This is my lucky no. 7 and I love this number. As you know I taken part in this contest. I am happy to see that I am one of the Winners.

What I won?

7th Prize: 7,000 Winner: AnotherContest
* 500 EC - My Online Diary
* 500 EC - Sahm Random thoughts
* 500 EC - Hit-or-Miss
* 500 EC - SimplyWP
* 500 EC -
* 500 EC - Heartnet02
* 500 EC - Heartnet
* 500 EC - Rapid Shoots
* 500 EC -
* 500 EC - Asian Dramas
* 500 EC - Scandals Prime dot Com
* 500 EC - Life of a Filipina Blogger
* 500 EC - Pictures and Cultures
* 1 month 125x125 ad space - My Home
* 1 bracelet - My Online Adventures

If you are one of the sponsors and reading this post, you can send EC to here. oh yeah I forgot to include the LINK FOR YOU TO CHECK IF YOU HAVE WON!

I taken part in this contest and I hope you take time to check out as I am no.7

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Jes said...

hi i dunno how to vote..pls help me and regarding with that contest i took part....did you see my name? when was that? how come i didnt receive any notification that io won....can i have the link? thanks!

Sherry said...

hi Jes, I already edit the link in post. About vote just click on the banner.

shydub said...

Hi sherry, thanks for the comments and telling me where to send the ec credits. I checked last night your other blog so I could send it there the ec credits but didn't see ec box there. Anyways, I just sent the ec credits to your sherry ramblings. Congrats!have a nice day!

Sherry said...

thank you shydub for send me EC

IndoContest said...

Hi Sherry,

Congrats on winning Mommyko Contest.
I've send 1500 EC's to your account.

Sherry said...

thanks indo :)

thanks shydub :)

wiehanne said...

Congrats! I've sent the EC from Asian dramas, and simplywp

Sherry said...

thank you wiehanne.

Jade said...

Hi Sherry! Congrats!Sent you the ecs for
* 500 EC - Life of a Filipina Blogger
* 500 EC - Pictures and Cultures

Let me know if you got it? Thanks!

Sherry said...

thnkx Jade I got it

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