Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rumparooz G2 Giveaway

I am taking part in Rumparooz G2 Giveaway, I am sure you like to take part too. I bet you have not seen these Rumparooz one size pocket diapers are now stocked in Tiny Tapir.

snap solids_350

There is more to see if you check click on the link above.

I am sure you like to know what you will win!

Four lucky winners will each get a Rumparooz G2 Diaper of their choice (from what is in stock)

rumparooz_platinum_baby wearing

Giveaway has started and ends on 27 May, 2009. To take part just click on the link above.

Good luck!


Jade said...

I hope you win again Sherry!

Sherry said...

hi Jade, thanks :).

istarblog.com said...

Goodluck sherry! Nice contest you take in a part:)


Sherry said...

thanks rosa, never win one of these before :)

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