Saturday, August 22, 2009

Engagement date 30 Dec 2009

My cousin send me an sms to inform me that she will be engaged by end of this year. The date is Wednesday fall on 30 Dec, 2009. She is my best friend and my classmate when we were kids.

We have not met for many years and I do not know who is the lucky guy. I know that her mom will be very happy. A few years back they lost her sister due to in house accident. We have no idea what exactly happened.

We were the last to know and none of us were able to attend the funeral as they only inform us after the incident. I still remember the day she send sms to inform her sister passed away. She is older than us just a few years.

Lost of a friend, a family member brought us closer and cherish the moment of people we love and care.

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