Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas wish necklace

Yeah this is my creation and I like to share it with you. Everyone has got a Christmas wish so what it is?

For example you can see the above necklace, it consists of sewing machine, hand, car, and stroller. I know some mama like to own a singer sewing machine, need helping hand in business, need a car for transportation and new stroller for their baby. There are four wishes/charms on this necklace!

Make this season a special one, you can customise one necklace of your own! You are looking at the two pictures of same necklace that you can turn it the way you like. Just put it on as there is no need of clasp!

Selling this necklace for only MYR$18 inclusive of registered post in Malaysia. It comes with a free cell phone charm which consists of one charm of your choice. I am sure you know that you can use the cell phone charm to hang on your wallet or purse. :D

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