Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Planning on giveaway...

Yeah I am still planning on giveaway as I mentioned it since last year. So it is going to take sometimes to start, as I mention it is only for address in Malaysia for deliver the Prizes. Yeah you need to have an address in Malaysia in order to take part and win.

So if you are in Malaysia and having an online store, thinking of becoming part of this giveaway. You can so if you become a sponsored just tell me what you like to sponsor.

Let's give it two weeks to see there is anyone interested. You can also email me: sherrygo at hotmail dot com with title "Another Sponsored" to let me know. I need the detail of following:
Your full name:
Blog shop URL and blog shop name:
What you are sponsoring:
Contact number:

Sponsors will be the one responsible to send the Prizes to the Winners unless I have got the Prizes from you I can send out to them. So you got to let me know your decision. I am moving this giveaway to My Mom's Best instead of this blog.

I am accepting sponsors from now until 3rd Feb, 2009 at 11pm. Plan to start the giveaway on February itself. The giveaway will last for a month.


Liz said...

Hi Sherry! Since you won ad spaces, I would like to clarify if you want me to grab the button on this blog instead and redirect it to http://anothercontest.blogspot.com ?

Thanks! Please leave a comment on my latest post:


Sherry said...

hi liz, yeah can grab button here

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