Friday, March 19, 2010

Wehbosting it is!

I was busy with the contest that is why you not seeing much update here. Now I am back I like to share with you my experienced on the contest. I try to visit some blogs, one of them was showing the error loading and for hours not able to view the blog. I guess you know it is related to web hosting. Sometimes even some of my blogs are down, and then I got to wait a day or two days to view my blog again. No blogger want to see their blog down time.

There are also times that one of the blog was hack, luckily the web hosting provider able to fix the problem. I will be panic if this happen to me, if you like blogging you will know how I feel. Some people having an online business, I am sure they will be unhappy or upset to see down time at their website. When comes to online business you need to find the suitable domains that goes with your business, you don't want to forget the e-commerce and web security.

With Internet access today you are able to browse webhosting. I visited this site it is two columns template and you can find the tags on the right bar. Now if you want to know where to read up web hosting industry news, latest trends in web development, you can also find reviews of the best web hosting providers. Always read up and you can find the introduction to CMS, search engines, and blogging software.

I am thinking if I want to change of the blogs web hosting as it is sometimes giving me hard to view my blog or access my blog. I know I need to read up and beware of the latest trends in web development.

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