Friday, May 7, 2010

Teacher Ria Blog Anniversary Contest

I love contest and I am taking part in Teacher Ria Blog Anniversary Contest, you can take part too. Teacher Ria is having this contest at her blog, just look at the generous sponsors below.

It is Teacher Ria blog that turn 1! She is a preschool teacher, college lecturer and pshychologist by trade, a writer an day dream believer at heart.. in her lies the mind of a realist, the heart of a dreamer and the soul of a believer.

Three ways to win this contest, check it out! Don't forget to check out this contest for the requirement first.
  • First is to come up with the BEST blog entry. This is the GRAND PRIZE :-)
    • Criteria is as follows: 50% relevance to the theme and 50% creativity.
    • The Grand Prize winner will receive the following:
      • $30 USD via Paypal
      • INFO domain plus hosting for one year
      • 1 Pinoy Blogger Shirt from Lakwatsero
      • 1 Yummy Book
      • Sponsorship Link for 6 months
      • running ads link for 1 year
      • 2 125×125 banner ad for a month
  • Second is to join the contest by fulfilling all requirements. 3 winners will be randomly selected from all the entries to win the following:
    • First Place
      • $15
      • 1,500 EC credits
      • A dress from the Fab Recessionista
      • 1 YummyBook
      • Sponsorship Link for 6 months
      • running ads link for 1 year
      • 1 month ad space
    • Second Place
      • $10
      • 1,000 EC credits
      • Starbucks Cap from
      • 1 Yummy Book
      • Sponsorship Link 6 months
      • 1 month ad space
    • Third Place
      • $5 via Pay Pal
      • 1,500 Ec credits
      • Starbucks Cap from
      • 1 Yummy Book
      • Sponsorship Link for 6 months
      • ad space for 1 month
  • And the third way to win is to beat them all by being the Top Commentator, the Highest Scorer or the Early Bird!
    • The Early Bird Prize goes to the first officially verified and completed entry (Based on the main contest requirements)
      • $5 via Pay Pal
      • Pinoy Blogger Shirt
      • Starbucks ID Lace
      • 2 ad spaces for 1 month
    • Top Commentator
      • $5 via Pay Pal
      • 1 Starbucks China Demitasse Cup
      • 1 Pinoy Blogger Shirt
      • 1 Yummy Book
      • Sponsorship Link 6 months
      • I year running ads at the blog site
      • 2 ad spaces for 1 month
    • High Score!
      • $5 via Pay Pal
      • 1 Pawnacea “Walk in the Park” Kit: a pot of Paw Balm and a bottle of Grooming Spray :)
      • 1 Globe Tattoo USB stick
      • 1 Starbucks ID lace from
      • 1 Dress from the Fab Recessionista
      • 1 GC 60 minute superskin or cosmeceutical facial from VX Facials
      • 2 ad spaces
      • AND MY FAVORITE PRIZE: A Starbucks Tumbler! :-)
Contest ends on 31 May, 2010. To take part just click on above link.

Now I am grateful of past year because, I get to know more friends from contest I took part. I also won some contests through out the year, not every contest I won but at least I have fun. I am thankful as I am able to renew domain and hosting of my blogs. I hope to continue make some money online to keep my domain and hosting of the blogs.


Ria said...

Hi Sherry!

Thank you for joining my contest! Congratulations on renewing your domain and hosting, and the contests you've won too! I feel the same way you do about these or lose, as long as I have fun participating in it, that's a reward in itself. Of course winning makes it even more sweet!!! Good luck to you!!!


Sherry said...

thanks Ria, yeah its even more sweet if winning :D

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