Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Marvels Avengers

I am so happy I have seen this movie Marvels Avengers, I seen it for two times! The first time I went with my friend Joyce as I use RM100 to toup the MBO Cinema, this was promotion that time they gave out two tickets to members that top up RM100 at Subang Parade. I supposed to bring my son to the preview but he said he is scared.

The second time I took him to watch this movie, it was hilarious he used the ear warmer to cover his ears so he doesn't hear any scream from The Hulk. He scared when Hulk screams, alright I got scared the second time watching this movie no kidding is the part where the Hulk shouted at the Black Widow in the wooden house.

Now my son is interested in the Marvels Avengers toys! I saw two toys of Iron Man and Captain America where you need to put at shirt to press the button, each toy cost RM36.90 if not mistaken.

Have you seen this movie Marvels Avengers do you like it?

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