Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red boots on Christmas party!

Yes I went to a Christmas party and for the first time I went to Publika Boulevard too. :D

Thanks to my friend for bring me there and I brought her a my partner, it is a girl party and you know she is a girl too.

I am all in red for the Christmas party, even though I didn't win the Best Dress at the party I have a fabulous time. I get to see other girls in the party, they are so pretty dress up too!

There are games on the spot and I get to choose the bag that I like on the stop. I got post with the bag and I find my shot is good enough. Yeah again I didn't win the gal with bag Best Shot! It is okay because the handbag I am holding cost $990. My friend holding the very bling bag too, she likes it but she cannot afford to purchase it.

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