Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what type of friend do you have?

I am sure everyone has got friend, do you know what type of friend do you have? Well recently I get to know selfish friend, yeah she wants me to share everything to her but then she didn't share with me. Oh wait, she did share with me but eventually only share with me which I cannot go at all because it's already end of registration. Sad to say having this type of friend, she wants me inform and let her know everything even though I am not interested. Oh my..she must be thinking that I am so free.

Madness having this type of friend is crazy, stay away from her. She only wants what she has interest but not bother of other people feelings.

I rather not having this type of friend. Sad to say this person none stop bugging me.. she knows who she is. I don't want to care of her.

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