Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Movies for Paranormal Activities The Marked One

Yesterday I received the two movie passes for Paranormal Activities The Marked Ones but sad to say the cinema time and available is just for me. I decided to giveaway to my dear's colleague. He can gives to his colleague who is free to go watch the movie. I checked the date and time of movie screening but sad to say Sunway Pyramid and One Utama not suitable as they have the Beanie seating for this movie. The movie passes only for general screening not the beanie seating, I am sure that will need add money to enjoy the movie.

Other cinema still available namely KLCC and Midvalley and others. Oh well, his colleague will need to look up in newspaper or their phone App for detail.

Talking of movie, there is Top Commentator contest available in mymomsbest and namesherry. Check out if you have the time.

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