Saturday, May 17, 2014

Generous event organiser

Wow, I am so happy to tell that that it's very fun event that I attended. The organiser is so generous, he gives prizes and almost everyone received it. Well if they are not lucky to win any, at least they walked home with goodie bags.

The organiser which I comes across usually given the lucky draw for only their client/their VIPS. This organiser gives lucky to everyone, it means as long you have luck, you gonna walk home with something!

Such a wonderful event that I attended with friends. Mmmm... guess not everyone is please though they have won the lucky draw. Prize big or small, it's never enough? That you have to go further to ruin your friend's mood?

What kind of friendship is this? I mean that will as a friend would go further to insult another friend in front of other friends.

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