Sunday, November 2, 2008

SYC Big November Contest

This is a nice contest which I like tell you. SYC Big November Contest is where you stand the chance to win some nice Prizes. Well, just look at the Prizes and you will know what I mean.

  1. $50 Cash from SYC
  2. 2 Free Software Licenses of AutoImager worth $120 - Sponsored by Gadget Advisor
  3. Custom Logo Design by Smart Pixels
  4. 1 Ad Review from Bloggeries
  5. Advertising Slots:
    1. 125×125 banner for a month on Random Detox
    2. 125×125 banner for a month on Worth to Visit
    3. 1 468×60 and 125×125 banner for a month on SubmitYourContest
    4. 1 468×60 and 125×125 banner for a month on NSpeaks
    5. 125×125 banner for a month on Contest For Bloggers
    6. 125×125 banner for a month on Kahpeng
    7. 1 month 468×60 and 125×125 spot on IndoContest
    8. 1 month 250×250 banner on Surftin
    9. 1 month 125×125 banner on TheWWWBlog
    10. 1 month 125×125 banner on TechTreak
    11. 1 month 125×125 banner on PSDRockStar
    12. 1 month 125×125 banner on Bloganol
    13. 1 month 125×125 banner on EctWebmall
    14. 2 week Link Ad on MeDan Daily
    15. 2 week Link Ad on SimplyWP
    16. 1 month 125×125 on Pallab
    17. 1 month 125×125 ad on Blogging from Scratch
    18. 1 month Text Link from ProjectRunawayPhilippines
    19. 1 month Text Link from Ragnarok Guide
    20. 1 month Text Link from Dota Guide
  6. EntreCard Credits(9000) :
    1. 1000 EC from Random Detox
    2. 500 EC from Kahpeng
    3. 1000 EC from IndoContest
    4. 1000 EC from RapidShoots
    5. 1000 EC from Contest Whiz
    6. 1000 EC from I heart Contest
    7. 500 EC from Themelib
    8. 1000 EC from Make Money Online
    9. 1000 EC from Wiehanne
    10. 1000 EC from Erikson’s Home
    11. 1000 EC from DailySMS

How to Enter: Now the time to come to know what all you have to do to win the contest. The contest will be a random draw contest. And moreover its a entry based contest. More entries you earn, more chances you have to win the contest. Use the comments section here to tell me what all have you done to get all entries. No Mailing or contacting me for your entries. Comments here will be read regularly.

Nothing more at this time. BTW Subscribing to the email feed has one more advantage. Throughout the contest, I can throw in some more ways to get extra entries. And be sure those won’t be 1 entry requirements.


  1. Cash Prize will only be paid via paypal
  2. Blogs where Contest will be blogged about should be more than 3 months old otherwise the post will be rejected
  3. Only 1 Email per contestant to be used for subscribing to feed. Multiple registrations will be banned
  4. Prizes will be decided as top 3 random winners drawn using Rest of the top winners listing will be given the ad spaces and EC credits as per the above list.
  5. Previous Email Subscribers are entered into contest automatically with single entries unless they make more entries.
  6. If winners don’t respond to emails within 4 days, another winner will be chosen when contest closes.
  7. Pls comment at the comment form with all your entries so that I come to know about it.
  8. Sponsors can also join in the contest as contestants.
  9. No More Sponsors will be entertained and this is final. Don’t contact me with sponsorships. I had given you 11 days earlier.
Contest has started and ends on 30 Nov, 2008.

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