Friday, June 12, 2009

Cisco Certification Boot Camp

Are you familiar with IT, are you one of the person that work in IT? Well, I think most people that are working in IT industry would have heard about it. I have some friends that are working in IT industry. If you don't know what is IT, it means Information Technology. I am not working in IT industry but I have heard about Cisco.

Do you know that if you are going to work in an IT industry, what's the requirement that you need? Beside job experience it's also important to have Certificate. Many company are looking for staff with skills in certification professional within the IT World. Have a look at cisco boot camp, this is your chance to brush up your knowledge in IT.

Internet has become an important tool today in the market and business world. I am sure you like to know more about cisco hardware, software, and services which used to provide Internet and Networking Solutions. Find out the Cisco Certification Boot Camp classes now!

If you are thinking about working in an IT industry. You will find that The Cisco Certification Boot Camp is very helpful, its the place where you will find info all about Cisco.


suwari said...

I advice you to choose your certification to what you like. Even you have CCNA certificat, the cert have valid time about 3 years if im not mistaken.

Good Luck.
Oooo. By the way, I have CCNA cert but love in programming.

Sherry said...

hi Suwari, thank you for the advice :)

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