Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review: Home Buddies

I love blogging and here I am to blog a review on Home Buddies, I always like to know how blogger start a blog and their domain. I am reading a published draft by fedhz. I don't know that she started a xanga blog until she mentioned in her blog. :) is a blog for Fedhz, she is a mom, she is a wife, she loves life. She enjoy visiting places and taking pictures of them. She loves to share about things she has knows and places with everyone. She likes to meet people from different places and different cultures. She loves to sing and dance, she also likes to spend most of her time on reading.

I agree with her that with Internet access we are able to connect with each another. Spread the love and care things we love with everyone.

There is a post I find useful for everyone, sending Paypal without fee, I am sure you find this info useful. I am sure you like to learn tips from her.

If you like to get to know Fedhz just click on the link above or the banner below. Feel free to visit her blog, she is friendly blogger. :) Her blog is user friendly and easy to browse.

Home Buddies

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fedhz said...

Hi, Sherry! Thanks for the review. There's one misspelled word, "draft". And can you please remove the link to my xanga blog. (I don't want others to read that. haha). ^^

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