Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: Random WAHM Thoughts

I love blogging and I am knowing many bloggers on blogsphere. Here I am first time to visit Random WAHM Thoughts, I love her blog design. The blog belongs to Kaye, she is twenty something mom. If you are WAHM, I am sure like to check out a Filipina WAHM too.

I was reading about her blogversary contest dilemma, believe it or not I found her blog from Pehpot's contest. Personally I want to know more about Kaye, as I do not know many Filipina bloggers.

Here's relationship tags which caught my attention to read more about her and get to know her. It is nice to know another blogger from blogsphere. I hope Kaye can edit her blog with categories to read. I am looking for the categories like tag which I can click and read. I found the girls talk tag interesting, yeah every girl have something to talk about. :)

I will visit her blog again and I just added her cute blog banner at my side bar. Sometimes I lost track of my friends so with their banner or link at my blog. I know where I can find them. Check out her blog, she has many interesting posts to share.


kAyE said...

that's a sweet review hun. thanks for doing it!

Sherry said...

hi kaye, welcome :)

fedhz said...

yeah, you better visit Kaye's blog everyday (cuz now she posts daily because of Adgitize, hehehe)

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