Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tired and still trying my best

As you know I love contest and it is challenging to take part as it is based on points. I am offering freebie of ribbon necklace and leather bracelet you can check this link.

Anyway this cell phone giving me lots of problem, I cannot take it for repair as I have another cell phone K700i that I am using. This cell phone can still use even though something wrong with the keypad.

This LV bag you looking at is handmade by sis Ida. You can visit her blog to see more handmade bags. :D


Miu said...

u alwiz win contest! i dam admire u for this.. ur effort n time into the contest is amazing... api api pls! dun give up

Sherry said...

hi Miu this contest different is based on points mean need to work for it not like using just click.

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